vrijdag 14 september 2012


I've been asked to take part in this huge book, showing "the best Dutch talent". Ha, just so you know.. Last year's edition was called XXLbooks Photography 2011, the release of 2012 will display lots&lots of illustrations. I'm very proud to be among colleagues like Cyprian Koscielniak and Leendert Masselink.

So this morning was spend on making choices which illustration(s) I wanted to appear in the book. My number one choice was this illustration I made quite some time ago. I still get a lot of comments on it and if I had to make the same illustration today I wouldn't change a thing. ..And what do you know?! I DID have to make the same illustration today, for it was nowhere to be found! It's just so typical, god.
Took me about four hours, that wasn't so bad. And now, today's contest: spot the 10 differences and win this hot-of-the-press-limited-edition, printed on 310 gsm paper, signed&numbered! Mail your answers to info@leoniebos.nl and watch your mailbox. The one in your frontdoor. 

I'll grab another cup of coffee and get back to the piece I was supposed to work on today.

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