donderdag 3 oktober 2013


Just finished my latest work for newspaper de Volkskrant, which I cannot show yet because it is yet to be printed. However, I do want to give you a sneak preview and in particular the clouds-section. Because here I paid a little tribute to the best painting I've seen (and proud to say: have in my possession). It's called Secretariat by Monique Wijbrands, painted after an almost fatal trip to India, showing the Chandigarh Secretariat by Le Corbusier against a beautiful blue and salmon colored sunset. Long before I actually became aware of my passion for all kind of buildings in art I fell in love with this painting. It also was the first of my architectural-inspired works decorating my home. When moving into my new apartment end of this year, all cabinets, doors and windows will have to make way for this painting.

(am I dismissed of being accused of ordinary theft now?..)

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