vrijdag 31 januari 2014

glory to the cat

No my blog didn't die on you. I bought a house. It needed some attention.. But, I'm back in the game. And with that, I thought I'd let my new living room serve as a model. For the cover of newspaper De Volkskrant, themed peer-to-peer traveling, I wanted to show a hotel slash living room. 
This proved rather difficult with my current working method in which I'm trying to avoid all unnecessary elements. Because in this particular picture drawing the details would be essential to make the room more personal. I had to get past my 'thingies'-aversion and throw in slippers and coffee cups. That was hard, but I pulled it off because they were functional to the story. But then came the next tricky part, not to go overboard with the personal items because it should also function as a hotel room (unpersonal, tidy). You see my dilemma? I struggled a while but when I finally added the cat on the couch and the (hotel)key in the door I felt everything coming together. 

So. Enough words to illustrate my blog is still alive & kicking? The cat on the couch isn't though... Afraid the move did him in. Apparently he had a weak little heart. I'm quite sad about it, but glad he made the newspapers...

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