vrijdag 8 februari 2013


Today I've been to the Stedelijk Museum to start my modern-art-update. Years ago I graduated from art school, and apart from a few attempts in those first years to get 'into art', modern art and I gradually grew apart. I was thinking, I let myself get influenced by contemporary trends in interior, design and even fashion, but whatever happens in the modern-art-department is just passing me by. So two days ago I signed up for this 'Study day Contemporary Art' in April. And today I visited the Mike Kelley-exhibition. How's that for a start? I was very intrigued by his Educational Complex, an immense replica of buildings of all schools he attended, including the house where he grew up. He created most of this from memory and this explains the holes in the buildings. I have to say though, to fully appreciate Mike Kelley it's best you do a little pre-study. Which I didn't.. So I struggled a bit, but it helped to come across a few guided tours so I picked up some knowledge along the way. I'm glad I went. It's a bit like going to the gym: you feel so rewarded afterwards.

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