dinsdag 15 april 2014


My fourth illustration on the philosopher's big questions is published today in newspaper De Morgen. Philosopher Stine Jensen writes about sharing (or not sharing) personal information, which according to her is the big issue of the 21st century. There is an increasing degree in which we decide to share our privacy. The thing we might not be aware of is that it's actually traded, giving power and influence to politics and media. Journalism, government, businesses and even the law, they're all stakeholders.

So sharing the way this illustration came about might not be such a good idea. Considering it was while taking a shower. It used to be a lot more comfy when I was still in the possession of a bathtub, but texts stick perfectly fine to wet shower walls as well. And after all, it's just the thinking part that takes place here. For the execution I'm properly decent.

Now, I like to see a dealer try gaining power and influence by this piece of intimate information.

The illustration itself (less intimate) can be found on leoniebos.nl.

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