vrijdag 11 april 2014

issues to keep you awake

Because of Belgium's month of philosophy several Belgian and Dutch philosophers were asked by newspaper De Morgen to write an article on the issue that keeps them awake. What is the big question of our time?

The first out of eight I had to illustrate was by Coen Simon, the question being How much fakery can society take? and is published in today's newpaper. 
Due to our new digital media, true & false can hardly be distinguished from each other, and even new digital systems themselves don't make things any clearer. However, the fact that there are technological resources standing between man and the truth is as old as man himself. Think Plato's cave. The role of the philosopher of our time is not bringing to light truth itself, but the ways in which they're established.

Anyway, I came up with an image where two well-known optical illusions are combined. Everyone knows the duck/rabbit and the trick it plays on our minds. Well, not everyone maybe. My four year old was so confused by the image, he took it to bed. I'm wondering, did it keep him awake..

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